Quotes from Participants in Family Workshops!

“You should make more musical material like this one and continue with these workshops. Congratulations for the initiative.”. 

 “I liked the ideas discussed, everything was very well explained. I would like to see more programs like this one.”

“I really liked this activity and of course these programs are very good because it is always good to learn tools to help us connecting our children with the Spanish language

I liked the workshop very much and I would like to see more promotion of this program”

“I learned a lot with this workshop. I hope to see more programs like this one. Thanks”

“It would be fantastic if you guys can do presentations like this one to teachers of elementary schools, so that they get more interested in teaching both languages”

“I thought it was very interesting to share our opinions about the importance of bilingualism in the education of our children”

“Beautiful workshop, Thanks!”

 “The games with music are a beautiful way to teach to the children”

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