4 Feb 2013

3 Reasons Why Bi-cultural Art Programs are Important

By: Ana Lucia Divins   This summer I was invited to participate as teaching artist in the first bilingual art summer camp offered for a local museum here in Charlotte: The Mint Museum. It was definitely a learning experience, from researching about the topic (the Mayan creation of the world: Popol Vuh) to learning the […]

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4 Sep 2012

The Eternity of the Popol Vuh

By: Irania Patterson “At the beginning of time everything was silent and calm. There was nothing standing on the face of the earth, the sea was just resting and the sky was peaceful….” These are words of the Popol Vuh (also known as the Mayan’s Bible), a story I had the pleasure of reading this summer […]

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25 Nov 2011