A Day of Music and Meaningful Connections

By: Ana Lucia Divins













Photo Courtesy: Alexandra Vilchez

As an artist, I believe that if I am able to impact positively at least one person of my audience every time I perform, then my job is done.

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Providence Day School with Criss Cross Mangosauce to do several bilingual performances.  It was a great experience overall, we did a couple of duo performances with the little ones in the morning and then we offered a concert with our group of eight musicians for the older kids.

We had a lot fun (as always) and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves as well. We talked about the countries we are from, sang some of our new bilingual songs and played some traditional Latin American games. We even had a chance to share the stage with Jay Barron, a great musician and Spanish teacher at Providence Day who sang three of his very own bilingual songs as part of the show.  We were all impressed with how many Spanish words the students already knew, and the teachers thought the performances were a great way for them to be able to practice the vocabulary they knew through this inter-cultural experience.

Although, as I said before, the whole experience was very positive, I must admit I was mostly energized by one special interaction I had at the end of one of our performances.  I met a little girl from Colombia who moved to the United States one month ago.  “I am from Colombia” she said speaking Spanish to me the entire time “my parents said we moved here because we will all have more opportunities” and then she gave a big “abrazo de oso” (a bear hug)… I hugged her back and told her that her parents were correct, that she will have wonderful opportunities here and that was my pleasure to meet her.

Seeing her beautiful brown eyes lighting up with our presence, our music and our stories, is a wonderful gift I kept from that great day we spent at Providence Day School.

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