Language Learning and Movement

By: Irania Patterson

One of the bilingual techniques we use in the programs and products of Criss Cross Mangosauce is called Total Physical Response or TPR.

This approach delivers commands and the children demonstrate comprehension through physical response.

In other words the learner demonstrates with his body that he understands what you are saying. Children discover the connection between new language and its meaning, without translation.  And it is an excellent way to develop listening skills.

For example after reading a story you can introduce an activity including movement that allows you to make the connection between reading and TPR.

The following is list of great books and songs that can be used for Total Physical Response learning and literacy activity. Enjoy!

TPR Books:

–         “Owen” by Keven Henkes

–         “Counting Ovejas” by Sarah Weeks and David Diaz

–         “The Napping House” by Audrey Wood

–         “Time for Bed” by Mem Fox


TPR Songs:

–         “Hokey Pokey”

–         “Teddy Bear Teddy bear Turn Around”

–         “Five Little Monkeys”

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