Breakfast with Carlos Vives and Pombo Musical

By: Ana Lucia Divins

This week, I had a chance to meet Carlos Vives, a Grammy Award and three-time Latin Grammy Award winning – Colombian singer, composer and actor.

First able, let me put this into perspective. This guy marked a “before and after Carlos Vives” kind of thing, not only for the Colombian music, but also for me growing up in Colombia.  For example, when we create Criss Cross Mangosauce music, we say things to our musicians like: “Make it sound like in a Carlos Vives style”.  So, the fact that I had the chance to meet him in person was kind of unreal for me in many ways. We spent a couple of hours sharing breakfast with a small group of friends in Charlotte, talking about life, his current artistic projects and music of course.

I was thrilled to hear about his current project “Pombo Musical”. This is a Latin Grammy Award winner, children’s music project created by Carlos Vives in an effort to pay homage to Colombia’s Poet Laureate Rafael Pombo.  Pombo’s poems teach virtues and values that are universal and true in all ages, and every Colombian knows them.  The songs were all written by some of Colombia’s most famous artists: Juanes, Andrea Echeverri (from Atercipelados), Adriana Lucía, Duo Huellas, Verónica Orozco, Fonseca and Cabas, among others.



The distribution of the CD is limited, I found a couple of copies in Amazon and I just ordered one for my personal collection so that I can introduce my children to this beautiful concept.  I believe the CD can only be purchased in Colombia for now.

Carlos Vives and my daughter Natalie

It was very inspiring to learn about “Pombo Musical”.  And I realized that our desire as parents, artists and educators to preserve oral traditions and culture through music and literature travels across borders,  building a strong cultural foundation for our future generations, one CD at the time… one book at the time.

I have included two of the songs from this CD I found in Youtube to give you an idea of the concept. I hope you enjoy it!

El Modelo Alfabético, por Carlos Vives, Dúo Huellas, Eduardo Arias y Karl Troller:

El Robánidos, por Fonseca, Dúo Huellas y Batuta:

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  1. armando rosado says:

    Saludos soy de puerto rico y mi esposa es colombiana y siempre me a hablado que super fan de
    pomboeco y me habl de este disco pero que nunca lo a podido conseguir.
    Mi pregunta seria si habra alguna forma o manera de conseguir este disco ya sea en puerto rico,florida o online?

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