Summer Time: Spanish and Joy

By: Ana Lucia Divins 

A few years ago, I began to question who I wanted to be when I grew up… as a mother, as a professional, as an artist and as a woman.  In the process, I made some radical decisions about the type of work I do, how I do it and in general how I live my life.

Among all the changes and wonderful discoveries during the last two years, probably the most important one has been my intentional commitment to be fully present in my children’s lives before they are not little anymore.  Nicholas is 10 and Natalie is 9 and I figure that in about 5 years (or less), hanging out with mami at the pool, at amusement parks or at the beach is not going to be “that cool” anymore. So, like Tracy Chapman will say “If not now, then when?”



Summer is the most exciting time for me and my little ones. It is not only an opportunity to spend time together while having fun, but it is also a chance to expose them and speak more Spanish at home.

Last year, they went to many of my Criss Cross Mangosauce performances and sat in several of my lunch meetings. But we also rode roller coasters together (way too many times), went to the pool and enjoyed special overnight trips to Myrtle Beach.  We talked, we laughed, they asked questions about my business, they know I love to sing, we spoke more Spanish, they pulled me away from the computer more than once… We created memories together and I felt present.


This week, we are ready to kick-off the summer and with that, I also kick-off my plans to immerse them (as much as possible) into a more intentional Spanish learning process. As I always say, the process of raising bilingual children is a work in progress, I learn as I go. This is yet another “pilot” where I will encourage my children to learn and speak more Spanish using a combination of ideas and techniques…. and of course fun!

Nicholas and Natalie - Summer 2011

Nicholas and Natalie - Summer 2011

Please wish me luck and share with me any fun tips or ideas for this “Verano en Español ~ Summer in Spanish”. I will keep you posted of our venture!

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4 Responses to “Summer Time: Spanish and Joy”

  1. Great Idea! please keep me informed when are you planningto schedule these activities!
    Increible mujer! tienesmi apoyo! buena suerte!

  2. Gracias Monica! I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Juega al que primero diga una palabra en ingles pierde. A Mateo le facina ese juego y piensa anted de hablar para no decir lo que tiene que decir en Ingles sino en español Incluye a Brad en el juego… asi lo mantendras calladito!!!! jajajajaj!!!! Besos Analu! Que orgullosa me siento de ti.

  4. Gracias por la idea Mafe está buenísima. Los concursos y las competencias entre ellos creo que funcionan perfecto. Un abrazo grande.

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